1. Introduction

The WonderKids Preschool was established in 1992 at its current premises in Sherwood and in1998 the Training Centre was established. The course is fully accredited with the ETDP-SETA / SAQA and is offered at NQF Level 4 (National Certificate) and Level 5 (National Diploma).


2. Entry Requirements

Matric / senior certificate for Level 5. Non-matriculants for Level 4 to undertake Fundamentals in Communication, Literacy & Numeracy at an additional cost.


3. Fees

Tota Cost for 2 years is R35 000 and includes: Tuition / lectures/ practicals and learner notes. Cost Excludes: All text books and cost of material used to make resources which will be the property of the learner on completion.


4. Certificates

On graduation, certificates will be issued by the ETDP SETA to those who have successfully completed the course.


5. Course Duration and Lecture Times

The courses are designed to be completed over 24 months. This is based on weekly tutorials every Saturday. Each session will comprise of a combination of lectures, workshops, discussions, seminars and practical presentations. Additional workshops, practical lessons, observations and 1 school term compulsory practice teaching must be completed during the course. The term dates are according to school terms for KZN. The above is only a guide and subject to change.


6. The Curriculum

The course is based on the curriculum designed by Sustainability Institute now referred to as the Childhoods Learning Programme, of which WonderKids is a partner. The course is aligned with the SAQA NQF standards. Whilst retaining the core of the curriculum changes, additions have been made wherever necessary to suit the SA context and in line with the Department of Education’s National Curriculum Statement.


7. Course Material

Notes will be given wherever appropriate. Learners are encouraged to make their own notes during lectures and discussions and during the practical presentations.

Learners will be required to provide POE’s (Portfolio of Evidence) for the different areas of the curriculum and for the presentation of materials. Learners will be given a guide as to how to prepare their files.


8. Aims

The course will train the learner with basic understanding of the ECD Montessori Philosophy and its teaching methods for children between the ages of 3-6 years. This will include:

• Understanding that there is a need for a world change.

• Understanding the role of Early Childhood Development (ECD).

• Understanding the basis & the principles of the Montessori Philosophy and how it differs from other educational philosophies.

• The different areas of the Montessori Curriculum.

• Understanding how young children develop & their needs at different stages

• Understanding the process of learning

• Preparing the child for primary school.

• Adult learning skills

• The Prepared Environment. etc.


9. Assessments / Examinations

This course is based on two important approaches to learning viz. Learning Outcomes and Performance Criteria. Assignments, projects/material making, supervised practice, practicals and written assessments will be held on a continuous basis during the course and a final examination at the end of the course.