The atmosphere at Wonderkids Training Institute is one that other Institutes cannot compare to. The Principal, lecturers & other staff members have supported me every step of the way and made studying both interactive and fun. I cannot thank the Principal, Lecturers and other staff members enough for all the support they have given me, either via email, phone or in person. Most importantly I learnt from observing teachers at Wonderkids that Education doesn’t need to be reformed it needs to be transformed, the key to this transformation is not to standardize education, but to personalize it, to build on achievement on discovering the individual talents of each child, to put children in an environment where they want to learn and where they can naturally discover their true passion.

-Cheryl Brijcoomar


The course is amazing. Never doubted that the Montessori learnings will be a great asset in life.

-Anneke du Preez


The Wonderkids programme provided a combination of enlightening theory and a riveting practical journey into the montessori's way of education. It offers learners' a platform to further their education and improve society at large.
Tutors are always on hand to give learner support and guidance. Wonderkids gives you an opportunity to grow as an individual, group, community and society. It is an atmosphere filled with respect, understanding, equality, non bias, non judgemental approach to learners affording fairness to one and all. Its a foundation where we build relationships and gain knowledge that we will carry through out our daily lives making it an overwhelming life changing and memorable experience.

- Tasneem Mohan. Final Year, 2012, Durban.


My experience studying at Wonderkids was filled with warmth, growth, support and understanding in this environment of Montessori. I basked in the abundance knowledge that emanated from the wonderful Tutors of the Wonderkids Training Institute. I simply love the course, materials, guides and activities, which are exciting, interesting and creative. This course also became more about discovering who I was, how to adapt to the developmental stages of a child and the sensitive periods in great detail which is of importance. As an additional benefit , you find yourself becoming a holistic person. Joining Wonderkids I have discovered what Montessori really is...“Follow the needs of the child-Maria Montessori...” What a wonderful Philosophy that Wonderkids Training Institute provides to those wanting to be an educator. The Tutors are very supportive, dedicated and motivating which is very rewarding. I would recommend Wonderkids to anyone who is looking for the best quality of education in Montessori Teacher Training Programme. Choose Wonderkids Training Institute and prepare for an amazing education experience!

-R. Mahomed


The Wonderkids programme was able to build and shape shape the methods of accomplishing activities, whilst developing discipline and order. She (the teacher) is more creative making the environment conducive to learning through practical means. The children also learnt to make use of toolsand materials when doing their activities and have learnt tolerance and respect for one another.

-ED Mbatha, Principal of Mkanyezi School in Zululand reporting on Wonderkids teacher.


The staff are well trained and always ready to go the extra mile. The course itself is well structured. Lots of interesting materials that make learning exciting an inspiring. Learnt new methods and skills in educating the child in a pleasant fun and enjoyable environment.

-Laila Osman


By enrolling for this course I have benefitted immensely. I have come to  learn about the importance of the child, and child development. By observing the child, and following guidelines of the course, you are able to understand and fulfill the needs of the child. I benefitted as a parent as well because I was able to see the different stages of development my child was going through and I was able to provide enough stimulation for her. The course was held at a school which was very well set up and all materials were at hand for practical use.

-Farhana Bassa