1. World Change

This refers to ‘A World View’ and how by ‘Changing Attitudes’ we can affect change in our environment. * The Role & Purpose of ECD * Ecological Perspective * Introduction to Montessori *A Philosophy Based on the Natural Development of the Child.


2. The Child

* An Introduction to how Children Develop

* The Four Planes of Development

* Children with Difficulties

* The Process of Learning

* The Needs and Tendencies of Human Beings

* Sensitive Periods * Development of Language

* Development of Coordinated Movement

* Development of Independence

* Introduction to Observation

* Getting Ready for School.


3. The Adult

* Learning Skills

* Solving Problems in a school

* Listening and Interacting

* Facilitation Skills

* Conflict Resolution with Adults and Children

* Assertiveness

* Working in a Team

* Working with Parents

* Violence and Abuse

* Planning a Parent’s Meeting

* Administration & Management of school.

* How to set up your own school

* How to source Equipment

* How to manage your own school.


4. The Prepared Environment

* The Prepared Environment

* The Role of the Adult in the Prepared Environment

* Extending the Prepared Environment to Outdoors

* A Child’s Social Learning Environment

* Introducing The Activities

* Health Care, Safety and Nutrition

* Equipment Making

* The Life Skills/Practical Life Activities

* Art

* The Sensorial Activities

* Mathematics / Numeracy

* Introduction to Literacy / Language

* Language Material Making

* Music & Children

* Introduction to the Study of the World

* The World of People

* Presentations for the Study of the World of People

*The World of Science, Plants & Animals..