Study with us for a rewarding career in preschool education

In 1998 the Wonderkids Teacher Training Centre was established. The course is fully accredited with the ETDP-SETA / SAQA and is offered at NQF Level 4 (National Certificate) and Level 5 (National Diploma).

Applicants with Matric / senior certificate may apply for Level 5. Non-matriculants may apply for Level 4 and are to undertake Fundamentals in Communication, Literacy & Numeracy at an additional cost.

Course Duration

The courses are designed to be completed over 24 months. This is based on weekly tutorials every Saturday. Each session will comprise of a combination of lectures, workshops, discussions, seminars and practical presentations. Additional workshops, practical lessons, observations and 1 school term compulsory practice teaching must be completed during the course. The term dates are according to school terms for KZN

Assessments and Examinations
This course is based on two important approaches to learning viz. Learning Outcomes and Performance Criteria. Assignments, projects/material making, supervised practice, practicals and written assessments will be held on a continuous basis during the course and a final examination at the end of the course.

Course Aims
The course will train the student in the ECD Montessori Philosophy and its teaching methods for children between the ages of 3-6 years. This will include:

• Understanding that there is a need for a world change.

• Understanding the role of Early Childhood Development (ECD).

• Understanding the basis & the principles of the Montessori Philosophy and how it differs from other educational philosophies.

• The different areas of the Montessori Curriculum.

• Understanding how young children develop & their needs at different stages

• Understanding the process of learning

• Preparing the child for primary school.

• Adult learning skills

• The Prepared Environment. etc.

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Course Content

1. World Change

This refers to ‘A World View’ and how by ‘Changing Attitudes’ we can affect change in our environment. * The Role & Purpose of ECD * Ecological Perspective * Introduction to Montessori *A Philosophy Based on the Natural Development of the Child.

2. The Child

* An Introduction to how Children Develop

* The Four Planes of Development

* Children with Difficulties

* The Process of Learning

* The Needs and Tendencies of Human Beings

* Sensitive Periods * Development of Language

* Development of Coordinated Movement

* Development of Independence

* Introduction to Observation

* Getting Ready for School.

3. The Adult

* Learning Skills

* Solving Problems in a school

* Listening and Interacting

* Facilitation Skills

* Conflict Resolution with Adults and Children

* Assertiveness

* Working in a Team

* Working with Parents

* Violence and Abuse

* Planning a Parent’s Meeting

* Administration & Management of school.

* How to set up your own school

* How to source Equipment

* How to manage your own school.

4. The Prepared Environment

* The Prepared Environment

* The Role of the Adult in the Prepared Environment

* Extending the Prepared Environment to Outdoors

* A Child’s Social Learning Environment

* Introducing The Activities

* Health Care, Safety and Nutrition

* Equipment Making

* The Life Skills/Practical Life Activities

* Art

* The Sensorial Activities

* Mathematics / Numeracy

* Introduction to Literacy / Language

* Language Material Making

* Music & Children

* Introduction to the Study of the World

* The World of People

* Presentations for the Study of the World of People

*The World of Science, Plants & Animals